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FA28-70/ FA28-80 OR FA28-90

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joeylee328 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2010-11-10 20:21:46
想請教各大大 以上三支那支成像比較出眾呢, 只知道 FA28-90 這支價錢是其他兩支的三陪, 其餘兩支真的很差勁嗎?



louis 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2010-11-10 20:33:02
FA 24-90 這隻會比較好吧....^^


porschegs430 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-9-27 12:21:27
Post by louis;858848
FA 24-90 這隻會比較好吧....^^
FA 24-90 友站二手市場有出現,價格破萬!


moster 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-9-27 13:22:27

FA 24-90
FA 28-105 PZ


aiyoweiya888 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-9-27 16:31:22
"The smc PENTAX-FA Zoom 24mm-90mm F3.5-F4.5 AL [IF] lens is an excellent  starter zoom lens. It covers the most frequently-used focal lengths  (from 24mm wide angle to 90mm medium telephoto) and offers a minimum  focusing distance of 1.65 ft. (0.5 meters) at any focal length for a  maximum magnification of 0.18 times at 90mm. It features two aspherical  lens (AL) elements for high-contrast, high-resolution image reproduction  over the entire zoom range."

"The smc FA Zoom 28mm~90mm f/3.5~f/5.6 standard zoom lens is ideal for  both beginner and advanced photographers. It features super-compact  dimensions and covers the most frequently-used focal length range —  from 28mm wide angle to 90mm telephoto. Its extra-compact, lightweight  body measures 2.6" x 2.7" and weighs just 6.9 ounces."                           

"The smc FA Zoom 28mm~105mm f/4~f/5.6 standard zoom lens is an ideal  lens for portraiture photography. It provides a focal length range from  28mm wide angle to 105mm telephoto, and an internal focusing system for  faster and smoother focusing. Like all PENTAX lenses, the FA Zoom  28mm~105mm f/4~f/5.6 features smc coating to maximize light transmission  and produce sharp, high-contrast images while minimizing flare and  ghost imaging."                           

"The smc P-FA Zoom 28mm~105mm f/3.2~f/4.5 AL [IF] standard zoom lens is  the perfect standard zoom lens for both beginning and advanced  photographers. Compact and lightweight, it provides wide-to-telephoto  zoom coverage and high-quality image reproduction. The incorporation of a  hybrid aspherical lens element contributes to the improvement in image  quality and the reduction of coma and spherical aberrations. An internal  focusing system ensures faster and smoother focusing."


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