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amin1126 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-6-4 23:46:50
World Pentax Day - June 18th, 2011 w/ Prize!

Calling all Pentax camera users: we want your photographs from before  dawn  to  after dusk on the next Pentax World Day: Saturday, June 18th, 2011.   Submit  photos to our gallery to show your Pentax spirit and to share   something  special from your part of the world!
This time around, we will also be giving away a Pentax Limited  lens to one lucky participant of the event!  Details will be  posted as we get closer to the 18th.
Here are the rules for the event:

  •         Although you may submit entries at any time, the photo must be  taken  on Pentax Day (June 18th, 2011), between 0:00 and 23:59 your  time. Please  leave all EXIF information intact. You may submit up to five  photos.
  •         The photo must be taken with a Pentax camera.
  •         The photo should be no larger than 1Mb in filesize.
  • The photo should be submitted to the world Pentax day event category within our user  photo gallery. Click  the "Upload" link located in the navbar to add your photo.  You must be  logged in.  You will be able to upload between 6/18/2011  and 7/3/2011.  After this period, only viewing will be allowed for this  category.
Help us chronicle this day in the the life of Pentaxians from all   corners  of the world. Astound us with your film-like imaging, your   freedom from camera  shake, and your sharp, contrasty lenses! If you experience any trouble uploading  photos, please make sure you've  selected the correct gallery category first,  then post  here if you need help. Help us make this day a Pentax Day!

Read more at:,-2011-w/-Prize#ixzz1OK4AFCFW
原文 ... 18th,-2011-w/-Prize


poki 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-6-4 23:54:12
大家要衝了嗎哈哈!? 真希望我是那幸運兒XD


milkpa 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2011-6-5 20:59:06


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