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Have you used Tamron 300/2.8?

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匿名  發表於 2005-11-5 11:15:34
Can anyone pls advise on the qualtiy of the tamron 300/2.8 with adaptall 2 system. It should be a reasonably good lenses for its price and the only bad point is that it is heavy. Pls give 2nd opinion.

moroNZ 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2005-11-5 13:31:38
I would suggest you try your luck in Dcview.  I had read one guy shooting with Pentax *istDS on a Tarmon 300 F2.8 there. I , however, have never seen anyone with this lean on this forum. People here are mostly addicted to Pentax lens...


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