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lololuan 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2006-5-7 23:59:13
小弟想要買一顆再給我的相機 Pentax KX



  發現資訊相當的少....  只知道這家公司好像已經不在了

  想問一下這家公司的資訊  鏡頭表現怎樣?


benjaminlai 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2006-5-8 00:44:18


How do the optics compare with contemporary camera brands? (Nothing super detailed, here - I don't mean to start a lens sharpness war!)

Miranda lenses were highly regarded in their day, and test reports from the times emphasized the consistency found over successive models, and the uniformly high  performance of the standard lens in particular over a good range of apertures and at centre and edges. Some lenses were regarded as excellent performers, such as the 55mm f3.5 macros and particularly the 135mm f3.5 Soligor Miranda Short Barrel lens. Generally Miranda lenses were regarded as highly comparable with other quality brands during the time of manufacture.


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