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k10D second exhibition in Japan

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這是在 Dpreview看到的. 以下這是抽了一點原文. 網站 ... mp;message=20633667

Pentax held the Talk Live (a special exhibition/presentation of K10D) for the second time in Japan last Saturday Oct. 21st. .../1781/4091/1600/talkliveentrance.0.jpg ... 0/presentation3.jpg ... 0/presentation1.jpg ... 0/presentation2.jpg
Here are some info and my comments on K10D.  

Note: I have not liked to share my comments on IQ of the pre-released model, but this time is exceptional. I asked Pentax about the exhibition in advance: I asked, before the exhibition date, whether or not I could judge IQ of K10D if I went to the exhibition. They answered I could to some degree, since close-to-production cameras were to be displayed at the exhibition. Since my comments are just my personal opinions, I hope you guys take these with a grain of salt.

* All the units were of a beta version—beta firmware. It was disappointing to me, since I had thought ver. 1.0 firmware was already developed. Pentax Japan’s site displays some samples (jpeg straight from in-body RAW conversion), saying the version of the software is 1.0. I had thought it meant firmware ver. 1.0 was already developed. At the exhibition, there were the same samples on large prints ... 00/samplewoman2.jpg (B0, 40” x 57”). I asked one of the Pentax staff whether or not firmware ver. 1.0 was used for these samples. He answered No. He said all the samples were from beta firmware and there was no ver. 1.0 firmware yet. I said to him their site said ver. 1.0. He said the site info was perhaps wrong. I asked not only him but also some other staff whether or not firmware ver. 1.0 was already developed. They said No, saying they would keep trying to make a non-beta firmware until just before release date.

* Release dates outside Japan are not fixed. According to them, there is no fixed release dates outside Japan though the release date in Japan is Nov. 30th. I think it probably means release dates outside Japan differ by countries, dealers and retail stores.

* They let us take pictures to print out on 2L size (5” x 7”). I set ISO at 1600 and used a DA70mmF2.4Limited. The printed photo, jpeg straight out of the camera, was beautiful though there was noise. Noise on the shadow was not so conspicuous (I mean the noise was acceptable to me), but depiction of the woman’s hair looked rough to me (it was a portrait shot). Probably it’s because of sharpness-oriented tuning of K10D. (They said they gave priority to sharpness rather than noise reduction.)

* The printers they used at the exhibition were Epson’s all-in-one printers. Epson brochure contains five photos of three cameras—one photo for Nikon SLR, two photos for Epson RD1s, and two photos for Pentax medium format camera.


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