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來自imaging resource對K100D的評價


‧Compatible with an extensive list of Pentax K lenses
‧Responsive with a good shutter lag time, very good shot-to-shot speed
‧Good color accuracy
‧Accurate exposure, much less positive compensation required than average
‧Bright, powerful built-in flash
‧Good quality in kit lens
‧Fairly quick Continuous Shooting mode
‧In-camera Shake Reduction among the best we've seen
‧Very good low-light shooting capabilities
‧Image noise at ISO 200 and 400 is pretty good
‧ISO up to 3,200
‧Printed results are very impressive, producing decent 8x10s even from ISO 3,200!
‧Use of AA batteries is more versatile, great for traveling
‧Enjoyable to use

‧Very warm color balance in low-lighting and slightly warm outdoors
‧Auto white balance had a hard time with household incandescent lighting
‧Slightly high contrast
‧Slow AF, especially indoors

The Pentax K100D is a capable digital SLR, perfect for consumers interested in stepping up from a basic consumer digital camera and into a world of better image quality. It's also a smart choice for owners of Pentax film SLRs and lenses who want to go digital. With its full range of manual and preset automatic exposure modes, the Pentax K100D is suitable for the full range of experience levels, including anyone already owning a digital point-and-shoot, and it offers enough customization to keep more advanced users happy. The Pentax K100D has no trouble with exposure in low lighting, and produces only slightly high contrast under harsh lighting conditions (such as bright outdoor sunlight). Autofocus in low light is among the slowest we've seen, however. On the positive side, though the K100D more often makes a decision where other digital SLRs just give up. Color is quite good, though sometimes on the warm side, but both the built-in flash and accessory bounce flash eliminate this problem. The camera's ISO setting only goes as low as 200, but noise levels are still quite good, and prints from the Pentax K100D are very impressive even at the highest ISO levels.

We were impressed with the Pentax K100D, as well as its widening array of accessories and lenses. It's a small, well-conceived SLR design with solid image performance. Even the kit lens is good quality, and accessory lenses are worthy of serious photographic work. After all that, the Pentax K100D's in-camera Shake Reduction is a welcome bonus in this surprisingly low-priced camera. Perhaps the best news is that it works better than most other in-body anti-shake systems on the market. Despite its shortcomings, the Pentax K100D offers more bang for the buck than competing systems in this range, and the money you save on the kit leaves room to pick up an accessory flash to make indoor photography a dream. Overall, the K100D is Pentax's strongest offering to date. It's a camera I've really enjoyed, and worthy of a Dave's Pick.

註: 文內有動態圖示可看到內建數位濾鏡的效果, 蠻不錯的


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