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FTL 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2007-4-2 03:10:44 Verion 3

This pretty useful software just got upgraded. While its not Aperture or Lightroom. It's probably good enough for quite a sizable portion of Hobbyist, and for the mass public ..


photodesignch 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2007-4-8 10:38:01


Post by FTL;286087 Verion 3 ("")

This pretty useful software ju...

Well.. FTL.. Tough luck.  There are several version of resize methods under photoshop. However, due to the intensive calculation and equations, most of tiny programs are inaccurate when resize. They can resize images just fine, but they won't look at their best.

Well.. if it's just for proofing, I guess is good to pick a reliable/small/fast program to do the job.


gasamia 主題  | 發表  |   傳送訊息     發表於 2007-4-8 10:53:14
Thanks for the information. It indeed demonstrates some convenient features, e.g. transparent toolbar, which I feel in my favour when processing images.


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