December 1, 2023

Technology for Schools

Technology for Schools

Technology is spread everywhere and we have become widely dependent upon technology. When think about getting rid of a simple thing like Google maps, our world becomes upside down because 80 percent of the people don’t remember the ways and the routes even if they have been through that path many times. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier but now, we tend to spend most of our times on technology. Technology is added in the British curriculum schools in Qatar and technology is helping students in many ways.

People thing that such institutes much be very expensive but the fact is that the international school in Qatar fee is very nominal. If you want a better future for your kid then we suggest that you read about the technologies used in schools.

Screencastify: it is not a software nor it is a web application. To use it, you just need chrome web browser and this is an extension that you can download from the extension finder within chrome. It is used to edit, record and share videos. Teachers and students are delivering their lecture and assignments with this extension.

Google Tour Creator: it is also called the google tour builder and it is made for executing virtual trips. The students and teachers can select a specific place and take a whole photo or video of it and students and teachers can see where they have been and what is the place.

ViewPure: seeing ads in the videos can be very irritating and frustrating and there are some ads that are inappropriate for the kids. That is why some pro level developers have come up with this online tool, with this tool, for teachers, they can put the URL link of the video in the tool and it will show videos without any ads.

AutoDraw: we use Paint in Windows computer all the times but if you want to become a master of painting on the computer then this is the software for you. And the best part is that it can be used for making assignments and it is very easy to use. If you draw a rough car, it will turn it into a good one automatically.

Wakelet: if you see something on the social media and it seems informative for your next assignment then use Wakelet to save it and you can even add notes in it.